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50+ attractive designs for your kitchen

The floor of the kitchen is perhaps exposed to the greatest stress; it is more walked and stood upon, with preferential pathways. This type of floor has the highest level of exposure to soiling and thus requires more frequent and rigorous cleaning: hence subject to high levels of chemical stress. Walls are obviously exposed to low levels of mechanical stress, but they are exposed to fairly high levels of chemical stress from foods and detergents.

Orientbell has a wide range of exquisite kitchen tiles to suit every kitchen. Our kitchen tiles are a perfect mix of appealing designs and colours with extraordinary finishes. Our Kitchen Tiles are stain resistant, easy to maintain and easy to clean. If you are looking for elegant designs or bold tastes – our tile designs will delight you.

Tips And Tricks

Making Small Spaces Bigger

The dream of making a bigger bathroom in a small space is now possible with the guidance of our experts.Here are Some tips:

  • Use light/neutral tile colours to give the feeling of open space.
  • Tile colours like whites,creams, and greys are ideal asthey reflect light around the room.
  • Leave open spaces on the walls and avoid many shelves.
  • Window are preferred else use LED light or backlit mirrors.

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To help you design your dream home, which reflects your personality and style, Orientbell Tiles offers two specialized services that will help you visualize your dream home:

  • QuickLook – Orientbell’s exclusive tool helps you visualize your space in 3 simple steps. All you need to do is pick a space you want to visualize, choose from a range of Orientbell Tiles and get to see your dream home.
  • TruLook – Bring us photographs or size of the space you want to get designed and let our experts do it for you with Orientbell tiles, all of this and much more at no additional cost.

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