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At Orientbell Tiles, you are sure to get what you want because it has literally all kinds of tiles. The tiles price would, typically, be Rs 48 per sq. feet onwards. Even when it comes to the materials, Orientbell has tiles in every material, from porcelain, ceramic, vitrified, full-body to double charge and many more. Some of the tile sizes available at Orientbell are 300x300 mm, 600x600 mm and 600x1200 mm tiles. Moreover, wooden tiles, highlighter tiles, 3D tiles, geometric tiles are a few categories that are trending these days.

All Tiles

Tips And Tricks

Making Small Spaces Bigger

The dream of making a small space is now possible with the guidance of our experts.Here are Some tips:

  • Use light/neutral tile colours to give the feeling of open space.
  • Tile colours like whites,creams, and greys are ideal asthey reflect light around the room.
  • Leave open spaces on the walls and avoid many shelves.
  • Window are preferred else use LED light or backlit mirrors.
All Tiles

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To help you design your dream home, which reflects your personality and style, Orientbell Tiles offers two specialized services that will help you visualize your dream home:

  • QuickLook – Orientbell’s exclusive tool helps you visualize your space in 3 simple steps. All you need to do is pick a space you want to visualize, choose from a range of Orientbell Tiles and get to see your dream home.
  • TruLook – Bring us photographs or size of the space you want to get designed and let our experts do it for you with Orientbell tiles, all of this and much more at no additional cost.

Frequently ask a question

Different types of tiles are made through distinct processes that involve mixing and blending of several raw materials, pressing, glazing, and firing. The most common raw materials used in their preparation are clay, silica, quartz feldspar, and pottery stone.

The easiest way to calculate the tile area is to multiply the length and the breadth of the tile. You can then calculate the area of the space where they need to be installed. Next, you just need to divide the total area of the space by the area of the tile to know the exact number that you would require. It is generally recommended to add an additional 10% to account for wastage and breakage of tiles. You can also use our tile calculator online. You get the option to calculate the number you would need for your space by clicking on whichever option tickles your fancy!

With the latest range of tiles design available in different colors, textures, and patterns, it is now very convenient to buy, check out, and visualise tiles online from Orientbell. You can filter the price range, and use the selector on our website to find the best options to redesign your home. You can find a guide to take you through your tile needs via this link:

You can find the correct number of tiles you would need to install in a particular area simply by using the tile calculator. You just have to enter the dimensions of the wall or floor along with the dimensions of tile and you will get the total number that is required.

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